teachers of the month


Stephanie teaches Kindergarten and 2nd grade SPED. This is her 34th year teaching for WHPS, and her 14th year at Washington.

- September | Stephanie Healy

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Jessica is the reading consultant at Washington, working with kindergarten through fourth-grade students and teachers. This is her 12th year teaching.

- October | Jessica Stutzman


Alison is a 2nd-grade teacher who has been teaching for almost 20 years, including 5 years at Washington.

- November | Alison Bernard


Brianna teaches 4th grade and has been teaching for 6 years, however, this is her first year teaching at Washington.

- December | Brianna Vizcaino


This is Nora's second year teaching and first at Washington as a second-grade teacher.

- January | Nora Raccio